Before using our services, consumers must read and accept the terms and conditions listed below. However, all parties who do business with ServerIcon are subject to the terms and conditions. We provide our clients with the following services:


1.    Dedicated Hosting

2.    VPS Hosting

3.    Reseller Hosting

4.    Shared Hosting


Service Period


For a period of 12 months starting on the activation date, we offer hosting services to clients worldwide (these services are offered until the provided date or if the service has been withdrawn earlier in accordance with the agreement)


The managed hosting services will continue to offer their services after the minimum service period ends until either notice is given to the clients in accordance with clause 13.1, or the service is terminated in accordance with the terms of the contract.


Data Restoration and Backup


For a period of two weeks, ServerIcon will keep a backup of the Managed Hosting Operating System, Applications, and File Data.


Unless both parties agree to save the client’s backup, the user is responsible for protecting their own apps and data that are not provided by ServerIcon.


For users with admin and root rights, we won’t guarantee any service pertaining to data backup. We would take the required steps to retrieve the data if a backup failed.


Customers must be aware that ServerIcon is not liable for data loss, data theft, or data corruption. When sending data or files, you must assume full responsibility for them and keep a local backup of your data in case of loss or failure. Any data loss, claim, or harm brought on by accidental backup failure is not our responsibility.


Usage of the disk, bandwidth, and CPU


Permitted CPU and disk usage


The ServerIcon has complied with the terms of the Agreement and the Acceptable Use Policy in providing hosting space.


The user’s website content, active emails, and web files will all be stored in the shared hosting space. Media files, emails, and other content, such as those from external electronic storage services, FTP hosts, will not be kept in the hosting space. In order to ensure that resources are being utilised in accordance with the terms of the agreement and the acceptable use policy, ServerIcon has the right to review the user’s account. The authority to terminate services, impose additional fees, or remove content from websites that are deemed to violate ServerIcon terms and conditions belongs to ServerIcon alone.


The resources allotted to the particular plan you purchased are the only ones that can be used by dedicated and VPS servers.


Usage of Bandwidth


The use of bandwidth is not limited to shared hosting. Resellers, dedicated servers, and VPS servers are not permitted to use more bandwidth than is allowed by the paid package. The usage is visible in your control panel.


Uptime Promise


The user may obtain a monthly credit to their account if any shared or reseller server has a high downtime and fails to reach the guaranteed uptime. The planned maintenance is not covered by this. The user’s justification and ServerIcon’s sole discretion are the only factors considered in credit acceptance. The justification provided by third parties will not be taken into consideration by ServerIcon. The time that the server and the Apache web server show as being up is the server uptime; other services may report a different time.


Users can send an email to [email protected] to submit a ticket and provide our billing staff with a justification. The shared and reseller solutions are eligible for the uptime guarantee. The network guarantee covers dedicated server downtime for the allotted time, and this is not at all pertained to uptime guarantee


Management and assistance


As stated in the Service Level Agreement, we will do everything possible to have your problems resolved as quickly as possible. You can get in touch with us via phone or email:


For P1 faults, technical support is available around-the-clock, and you can phone us to report other defects during regular business hours.


ServerIcon is not liable for:


Unless both parties agree to it in advance, provide maintenance and support for applications that are unrelated to ServerIcon.


Unless we have a separate agreement with you, we will: Recover any Non-ServerIcon provided applications, managed hosting server, or other data in the event of a backup failure;

Anything that is outside the scope of the Managed Hosting Service, including uploading data that exceeds the limit and data that the Managed Hosting Server generates on your behalf.


ServerIcon Responsibilities: What we have to do for clients without root or admin access.


1. Provide, maintain, and continuously keep an eye on the managed hosting server

2. Track the Managed Hosting Server’s CPU, RAM, and storage usage;

3. Configure the Managed Hosting Server’s fundamental settings, including the operating system and ServerIcon’s offered apps.

4. Offer technical assistance for any issues with the service;

5. Uphold the initial configuration of the Managed Hosting Service and routinely maintain, upgrade, and support the operating system and ServerIcon Provided Applications

6. As per Back-up schedule clause 12, provide backup for the operating system settings, ServerIcon provided applications, and file data;

7. If the Managed Hosting Server’s fault cannot be corrected by ServerIcon, the team will work quickly to resolve it and return the Managed Hosting Server to its pre-fault condition.




Users who violate or escalate network security privileges are subject to both criminal and civil penalties. Security violations include things like gaining unauthorised access, scanning the traffic entering and leaving network systems, interrupting the services of other users, mail bombing, flooding, forging TCP-IP pack headers or email header information, carrying out any other network-based attacks, etc. These actions result in termination from the services and are punished with security violations.




At least two weeks prior to the end of the current month, the user who wishes to terminate their account may do so by calling or emailing [email protected]. For verification purposes, please enclose the most recent four-digit credit card number you gave us with your cancellation request. Every month on the first, the client account is renewed until and unless the client requests that the account be terminated.


Inactive Services Termination


All of our company’s inactive services that are no longer operating will end immediately and without prior warning. The subsequent repercussions are not our responsibility.


Refund Procedure


We make an effort to offer top-notch services that satisfy your business needs.

If the customer is not satisfied with our services, we offer a refund if customer initiate the refund process within 7 days of purchase. Within seven business days following the processing day, the refund will be paid into your bank account.


If you paid with a credit card, we will refund the money to that card using the information you supplied when you signed up for our services. If you paid with a payment gateway, the money will be returned to the same account.


The only people who are eligible for a refund are new account holders. For instance, you are not eligible to receive a refund if you registered with us, cancelled your account, and then re-registered on the website or opened a second account with us.

The administrative and installation costs associated with purchased software or domain names are reduced; however, the full value of the product purchase was not refunded. Requests for refunds are only considered for a period of 7 days after the date of purchase, and the sum is prorated.


There is no refund for taxes that were paid on the software or service. Users can, however, request their government to pay their taxes in full.


Users that use the trial services are not eligible to receive claims.


When users’ services are hindered or prevented from conducting illegal operations like spam, torrents, child porn, etc. on their websites, they are unable to make claims.


Refund requests can be made by users either online through our ticketing system or by email. Requests for service cancellation must be sent from the email address provided at the time of purchase; requests sent from any other email address will be deemed invalid. Past-due requests won’t be taken into consideration.




ServerIcon makes care to protect the customer data that was gathered. Any changes made to the page will be noted here and you’ll receive an email confirming them.


Client Access


Users are not given root or administrative access to the managed hosting server, in accordance with requirements. For web servers, ServerIcon offers FTP access, and for SQL servers, it offers Remote SQL access.


You are permitted to deploy and administer programmes not provided by ServerIcon if you request admin/root access to the Managed Hosting server.

Services and support promises are implemented in accordance with the customers’ selected access credentials.


Our Rights


Managed hosting service locations are subject to change. We would let you know if there were a change before a month had passed. We promise to continue offering you the same level of service as before. The full cost of transferring the services is our responsibility.