About US

About Us


           To better serve its devoted customers, ServerIcon aspires to offer premium hosting services. We are the industry leader because to our superior infrastructure and unrivalled network security.

       ServerIcon is a full-service hosting company with a focus on the more contemporary aspects of the hosting industry. Because of ServerIcon’s no-nonsense philosophy, many customers are quite happy with the services and decide to work with them on a long-term basis.

Superior services


In order to maintain its ability to guarantee the continuity of its services, ServerIcon exclusively uses high-quality equipment. A good partnership is ensured by a combination of knowledgeable people with years of experience, adaptable assistance, and expert guidance.

+5 years of experience


The team behind ServerIcon, which is generally rather unique, has collectively more than 5 years of expertise in the hosting industry. Because of its many years of expertise, ServerIcon can advise and offer all customers any form of hosting because it is the best at understanding how this sector has changed over time.

Managed Hosting


Fully managed hosting environments are available from ServerIcon. There is complete compatibility for all popular platforms, including Magento, Drupal, WordPress, and others.

Why is everything so plush? Our support team is often given praise, nevertheless. The staff hasn’t failed us yet—they’ve been there for us ever since we filed our initial complaint. We still vow to use the most recent technology and provide round-the-clock service, keeping with our long-standing tradition. Because of this, we nevertheless make it a point to hear about and address each issue, no matter how minor the flaw or how little time there is for rectification.