At least two weeks prior to the end of the current month, the user who wishes to terminate their account may do so by calling or emailing [email protected]. Every month on the first, the client account is renewed until and unless the client requests that the account be terminated.


 Refund Procedure

We make an effort to offer top-notch services that satisfy your business needs.


If the customer is not satisfied with our services, we offer a refund if customer initiate the refund process within 7 days of purchase. Within seven
business days following the processing day, the refund will be paid into your bank account.


If you paid with a credit card, we will refund the money to that card using the information you supplied when you signed up for our services. If you
paid with a payment gateway, the money will be returned to the same account.


The only people who are eligible for a refund are new account holders. For instance, you are not eligible to receive a refund if you registered with
us, cancelled your account, and then re-registered on the website or opened a second account with us.


The administrative and installation costs associated with purchased software or domain names are reduced; however, the full value of the product
purchase was not refunded. Requests for refunds are only considered for a period of 7 days after the date of purchase, and the sum is prorated.


There is no refund for taxes that were paid on the software or service. Users can, however, request their government to pay their taxes in full.


Users that use the trial services are not eligible to receive claims.


When users’ services are hindered or prevented from conducting illegal operations like spam, torrents, child porn, etc. on their websites, they are
unable to make claims.


Refund requests can be made by users either online through our ticketing system or by email. Requests for service cancellation must be sent from the
email address provided at the time of purchase; requests sent from any other email address will be deemed invalid. Past-due requests won’t be taken into